NRCAN (CANMOS) (Natural Resources Canada)


The CANMOS array consists of 13 fluxgate magnetometers operated by the Geological Survey of Canada, part of Natural Resources Canada. The heart of the CANMOS is a "bus-clock", a specially-designed plug-in card in the PC that carries a highly accurate temperature-compensated crystal oscillator, resettable from an external source. A novel feature of the CANMOS design is the GSC-designed tilt-correcting suspension for the fluxgate triaxial sensors. The CANMOS can be accessed via telephone modem at speeds up to 14400 baud.

The fluxgate magnetometer samples the magnetic field at 8 Hz. The three component data streams are despiked and filtered using a rectangular filter over 9 data points, and resampled at 1 Hz. The 1 Hz data are further filtered using a 49 point Gaussian filter, and resampled at intervals of 5 seconds. The proton magnetometer samples the field at 5 second intervals. The 5 second sampled data form the primary data product available from the CSSDP.

Principal Investigator(s)

  • Dr. David Boteler