SWAIS (Space Weather Anomaly Investigation System)


Space weather affects a wide variety of technological systems, ranging from magnetic surveys and directional drilling to power systems, pipeline and satellite operations. Sometimes a survey has been disrupted or a system anomaly has occurred and there is a need to check whether this was due to space weather. SWAIS has been designed to provide the tools to assist such post-event investigations.

SWAIS uses data from the Canadian magnetic observatory network. A map is provided for the user to select the observatory nearest the affected system or survey. The interface then allows the user to specify the date and time in which they are interested and the type of plot they require. SWAIS then retrieves the appropriate data and generates the displays.


  • Pipeline Surveys
  • Satellite Operations
  • Directional Drilling
  • Magnetic Surveys
  • Power Systems

This system has been developed by the CGSM partners: Space Weather Canada and Facility for Data Assimilation and Modeling (FDAM) with support from the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and the Alberta Science and Research Authority (ASRA)